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This section showcases some of the best work I've done ranging from 3D character designs to concept pieces.


3D Character Designs

Host of Tendrils


The Host of Tendrils is an Ascended Entity who transformed into a twisted and demented being after creating the Goddess of Beauty; a perfect being with a flawless figure, who used her mesmerizing looks to lobotomise those in her path and turn them into mindless husks.

The creation of the Goddess was an achievement, however, the Host of Tendrils developed an obsession for understanding perfection and was shortly driven into madness. It attempted to create clones of the Goddess to match the original's perfection, but each iteration became more and more disfigured while its sanity deteriorated, eventually leading to the creation of a living tumour hanging from a mutilated mound of flesh.

Soltress, Queen of the Inferno


Soltress is a fire elemental capable of sparking conflagrations with her magma limbs. She was once a lone warrior out on an endless journey of bloodshed and survival after being forsaken by her family at a young age, where she allegedly had a hot-temper and threatening demeanor that caused serious harm to those close to her.
Her deep-rooted hatred and already primitive manner resulted in a sudden mastery of pyrokinesis, and she became the most dangerous Elemental Queen to ever exist; everywhere she went, desolation followed as she burns down her surroundings and disintegrates those within her close proximity. Her motive seems to be based purely on destruction, so it is unknown whether or not she has a clear objective or target.

Mysthia, the Wretched Siren

While ships were still in use, Sirens used their voice to lead pirates and sailors alike to their untimely deaths, only to pillage the wreckages for supplies soon afterwards. But since the advent of gargoyles as a new form of travel, the Sirens used their voices only for no ships to turn up, and thus supplies were few and far between (for a while, they had to rely on the Ocean of Shipwrecks and took solace in what little supplies they found). One by one, most of them would perish while one would become wretched and mutated under The Curse of Abominations; Mysthia developed a blood curdling scream that would stun its victims, leaving them open for an attack by her long sharp claws (that could open up the most protected of travellers), while still keeping a melodic voice that can draw humans towards it.

Upon discovery, Mysthia is seen lurking around a pile of corpses and a pool of blood, suggesting that it has turned to organic beings in order to survive. While Sirens were a very common sight, very few can be heard from even kilometres away, suggesting that a low number of Sirens have adapted to their new predicament. They appear to be on the verge of extinction.

Koloss, the Great Gorger


Compared to other Gorgers (grotesque abominations with abdominal mouths, long girths for arms and abdomens that hang down to their knee caps), Koloss is twice the size and weight due to an insatiable appetite for organic beings and inanimate objects. He was said to have been a giant guardian of Colossus (a giant cylindrical structure built to house most of Keljo’s inhabitants, which is also a centre of trade, medical research and warfare) before mutating and turning against the one thing he was meant to protect; his size and insatiable appetite would cause major damage to Colossus and result in the destruction of the Temple of Azuloch.

Specimen 13

Specimen 13 is an experimental subject who lurks around an old abandoned hospital warehouse during the 1960s. 

The story revolves around a lead surgeon named Dr Bram, who suddenly became twisted and began mutating near-death war victims into Specimens, which instead makes for horrifying results. Specimen 13 was one of the early subjects; originally a war veteran with severe breathing problems and boils around his body (due to being exposed to the many toxins that linger in the battlefield), he was experimented on with the intention of gaining super strength ability, only for his body to become hideously deformed in the process. Many years later, Specimen 13 was accidentally released and directed into the warehouse; where the main protagonist tries to make his escape...

Vitalis, the Queen of Terra


While living in seclusion within the Capital of Terra, Vitalis was captured and taken to the Tower of Abominations, where she was experimented on and transformed into an Earth Elemental that had tree bark limbs with vines protruding from them. Upon her release, she returned to Terra only to discover that it had faced its burning demise and fallen into ruins, but with her immense powers, it eventually became infested with moss, writhing vines, giant stalks and other poisonous plantations, turning the ruins of Terra into a deathtrap for other bystanders.

Concept Art

Character Concept - The Wounded
Character Concept - The Watery Nooseman
Character Concept - Narcissus, the Stranded Walrus
Character Concept - Reaper of the Timberland