Richard Pilling

Richard Pilling

3D Character Artist


Host of Tendrils


The Host of Tendrils is an Ascended Entity who transformed into a twisted and demented being after creating the Goddess of Beauty; a perfect being with a flawless figure, who used her mesmerizing looks to lobotomise those in her path and turn them into mindless husks.

The creation of the Goddess was an achievement, however, the Host of Tendrils developed an obsession for understanding perfection and was shortly driven into madness. It attempted to create clones of the Goddess to match the original's perfection, but each iteration became more and more disfigured while its sanity deteriorated, eventually leading to the creation of a living tumour hanging from a mutilated mound of flesh.

I Am Richard Pilling 

3D Character Artist



Hello. My name is Richard Pilling, and I am a Computer Games Design graduate with first-class honors. I currently live in my birthplace of Southend-on-Sea, England, and growing up, I've always had an interest in video games as well as concept art and character design. After my graduation, I am now available for employment and hope to make it into the industry as a Character Artist.


My concept pieces and 3D models are focused on science fiction and/or fantasy, and some of my character designs and ideas can appear unusual. But aside from that, I like to do concept art from time to time, and I enjoy working in a team but can also take on tasks independently.


Would you like to work together or simply chat about a project? Don't hesitate to contact me.