Richard Pilling

Richard Pilling

3D Character Designer



Koloss is the very last character developed for my final major project, and it is inspired by Yokai monsters from Japanese folklore as well as giant enemies from various action role-playing games.

Lorewise, Koloss was once a giant knight protecting the inhabitants of Keljo during the War Against the abominations, until he suddenly developed an insatiable appetite for inanimate objects and organic beings, resulting in him mutating into a looming, grotesque glutton with many eyes and a giant abdominal mouth.

While he was mutating, there were attempts to lock him into a dungeon, however, that failed as evident with the cuff on his left arm and a broken chain hanging from it. He is now on the loose, devouring everything and everyone in his path.

I Am Richard Pilling 

3D Character Designer



Hello. My name is Richard Pilling, and I am a final year degree student at South Essex College studying BsC (hons) Computer Games Design. I currently live in my birthplace of Southend-on-Sea, England, and growing up, I've always had an interest in video games as well as concept art and character design. Once I graduate, I will become available for employment and hope to make it into the industry as a 3D Character Designer.


My concept pieces and 3D models are focused on science fiction and/or fantasy, and some of my character designs and ideas can appear unusual. But aside from that, I like to dabble in other things from time to time (such as top-down level designs and character sculpts), and I enjoy working in a team but can also take on tasks independently.


Would you like to work together or simply chat about a project? Don't hesitate to contact me.